Ministry of National Languages and Social Integration

The Ministry of National Languages and Social Integration, established in April 2010, has a pivotal role to play in a post conflict era where the people of Sri Lanka are looking forward to the fresh dawn of a prosperous tomorrow.

We are deeply committed to the noble task of facilitating all the communities to live in peace and harmony in a country enlivened by the colours of diversity while ensuring the language rights enshrined in the Constitution.

Social Integration News

Social Integration Week- Closing Ceremony Social Integration conference – 20.07.2014

The Social Integration conference was to mark the end of the Social Integration Week 2014 on 20.07.2014 at 9.30 am at Mihilaka Palace Hall at the BMICH. About 200 persons including religious leaders, and parties working on social integration issues took part in this conference which was held under the patronage of Hon. Minister Vasudewa Nanayakkara.

Kite Festival

The Social Integration week was grandly celebrated in this year from 14th to 20th of July in under the theme “National Unity through Social Integration” In parallel with this, “Kite Festival was held at seven most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka with the excellent intention of gathering people of various cultures into one space enabling them to enjoy and bring about cordial relationships among themselves. The kites with various shapes and colours fly up in the free sky unhindered by any limitations, symbolizing the enjoyment of freedom by people of various cultures respecting differences among themselves.

Languages News

Awareness Programme for Police Officers on Official Languages Policy


The first awareness programme on official language policy for the police officers took place on 26th of May 2014 at the Institution for Construction, Training and Development (ICTAD). 200 participants including Chief Official Language Implementing Officers, Official Language Implementing Officers and heads of the divisions had participated in the programme. The Secretary to the Ministry of National Languages and Social Integration explained the objective of the programme and the duties of the Ministry. Dr. Pradeepa Mahanamahewa, the Commissioner [...]


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Administrative News

January 1st of 2015

Public Administration Circular No. 28/2014, 01 January 2015, a program was held in the National Languages and Social Integration Ministry officials attended.

Temporary Recruitment for the post of Photography Assistant -2014

 Public Notice

 Ministry of National Languages and Social Integration

 Temporary Recruitment for the post of Photography Assistant -2014


Applications are called from the qualified citizens of Sri Lanka for recruitment on temporary basis to the post of Photography Assistant of the Ministry of National Languages and Social Integration.

2.0 Applicants who have fulfilled above qualifications will be appointed to the existing vacancies on the merit basis according to the result of the structured interview.

3.0 Monthly allowance:- candidates are [...]

Message from the President of Sri Lanka

Protection of the rights of the economically and socially disadvantaged groups and improvement of their living conditions will be given high priority with a view to ensuring their active participation in socio-economic activities.

Message from the Minister

The Ministry of National Languages and Social Integration was established with a view to enhance the freedom of communities, communal harmony, strong understanding , Religious and Cultural bonds, and develop a society with equal opportunities for every citizen of this country.

Message from the Secretary

The primary objective of the Ministry of National Languages and Social Integration is to consider each and every individual as a vital link in the society ensure the language rights of everyone and providing equal opportunities to every person.

In the Press

Our Vision

A unified Sri Lankan nation celebrating unity in diversity endearingly intertwined by two languages ensuring the cultural identity of all communities.

Our Mission

Policy formulation, guidance and facilitation to create a developed and socially integrated trilingual society that assures rights of one and all and respects each other.

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